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Q: Is your service facility OSHA compliant?
A: Yes. Our Tampa Bay, Florida facility is ran under
strict OSHA regulations pertaining to medical linen.

Q: Are there quality control procedures in place at
your facility?
A: Yes. Alliance Laundry Service adheres to exacting,
pre-defined quality control standards.

Q: Are you required to use a particular laundry
detergent for medical laundry?
A: Neither OSHA nor the CDC specify the type of
detergent to use but the CDC Guidelines for Laundry
in Health Care Facilities does recommend a
temperature of at least 160° F for a minimum of 25
minutes for hot-water washing.

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Q: What is your company mission?
A: Our mission at Alliance Laundry Service is to ensure each
client receives outstanding service by soliciting feedback on a
regular basis. We will make sure our client’s questions are
answered promptly and to their satisfaction. For us it is also
important that we strive to improve our services.
Alliance Laundry Service isconstantly modifying our services to
meet your changing needs.

Q: Why should a facility use reusable cloth products instead of
disposable paper products?
A: Many people are surprised to learn that reusable items can
be more cost effective than disposable alternatives. Disposable
medical and surgical products are used once and thrown out
as costly biohazardous waste. Reusable products reduce
medical waste by being used over and over again.
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